Syndicate Sales

The Syndicate team is dedicated to inspiring and enriching simple and creative living. Syndicate continues to provide innovative, original, and trend-forward solutions for the floriculture and home décor industries. With the recent introduction of numerous plant and terrarium-focused containers and accessories, we are proud to offer a contemporary take on bringing the outside in year-round.



DIY Terrarium Kit:

The terrarium craze is here to stay! Syndicate’s DIY Terrarium Kit (#100-00-09) provides the foundation for a lush, living terrarium. Just add your favorite plants!

Terrarium Accessories:

Syndicate also provides the essential building blocks for creating and maintaining a terrarium. Tend to your terrarium with precision and style with a Terrarium Tool Kit, (#9870) and add depth and details by layering soil, (#9650) HydroStoneÔ, (#9660) and Green Moss (#9670).

Plant Amps


Plant Amp:

Amplify tunes or conference calls from your smart phone using the Plant Amp! (#3800-04-09) This sound system is cord-free and non-electric, featuring a sleek and modern glass design. The Plant Amp not only produces beautiful sound, it offers the perfect place for air plants and succulents to thrive.


Floating Orb Kit:

Bring a fresh feeling to the home all year long with the help of Syndicate’s Floating Orb Garden Kit. (#120-06-00) Use the included jute string to hang in your space or style on your shelf. A great option for small spaces or any area of the home craving vertical interest. Fill with small succulents, air plants or micro-greens, our kit provides the rest! 

Recycled Glass Terrariums:

Create a custom-made masterpiece that withstands winter’s chill and the heat of the summer! Bring a little bit of green indoors and enjoy the simple maintenance of a terrarium. Mix and match containers with lids from Syndicate’s Recycled glass line to house a terrarium of any shape or size.

Garden Jars


Garden Jars:

Syndicate’s Garden Jars (#6721) make plant care a breeze! The passive hydroponic method of “wicking” gives the plants and soil access to water and nutrients whenever they need it. An easy and aesthetically pleasing way to cultivate fresh herbs and flowers in your own home. Available styles include Organic Basil, Organic Cilantro, Mint, Organic Parsley, Oregano, and Pansy. Can’t decide? The Assortment case (#6721-06-4206) includes one of each!