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Maxit Flower Design

Inspirations Blog: Romantic, Flowing like Black Tie + Barefoot

The floral decor created by Maxit Flower Design has a natural light and delicate vibe created using a mix of many textured and flowing foliages consistent with the new 2020 Black Tie + Barefoot trend.  Maria Maxit works her magic to create a romantic and powerful setting with her floral décor and bridal bouquet; a beautiful bride makes it all stunning!

Product Used:

Roses, peonies, foxglove, clematis, elaeagnus, Italian ruscus and variegated ivy.

Designed by:

Maria Maxit. Maxit Flower Design, Houston's premier wedding and event florist.


Photographer: Stephania Campos

Sponsored by: Southern Floral Company

Southern Floral Company is one of the Southwest United States leading distributors in floral products. Our product line includes fresh flowers from around the world. A full line of floral supplies here includes containers, baskets, ribbons, etc. that any floral shop would need for its daily operations.


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