Color is such an expressive language! No wonder trend forecasters naturally make it a key of the conversation. At Design Master we think color is a HOT topic too! We study its intricacies, trends, and psychology to offer extraordinary color sprays and accessory products for the many unique applications demanded by creative professionals for floral and decorative projects.

Our colors aren’t your typical wall or sofa colors but the vibrant colors needed to accent your living. We feature colors that bring flowers, fashion, and surroundings to life, as well as techniques to transform surfaces with the latest colors and styles. Whether designing for every day, weddings, home accessory, party decor, or holiday celebrations, our color adds both the pop and the wow.

Design Master provides color tools to change the color of what you have to what you need. Choose from transparent, translucent, opaque, and metallic color sprays to shift hues to highlight your trend palettes. Explore a plethora of color possibilities with DESIGN MASTER, the COLOR DESIGN RESOURCE.

We feature colors and techniques that bring flowers, fashion, and surroundings to life.


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Artisan glass effects are easy to create with Design Master überfrostTM. Choose smooth, straight-from-the-can frosted glass or use oour quick techniques for a weathered salt blasted finish. Collected clear and colored glass bottles, jars or vases get restyled into modern accosory for home or party!


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HowTO MAKE Salt Blasted Glass with überfrost™

HowTO MAKE Frosted Glass with überfrost™