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Flower Trends Forecast

A Service of International Floral Distributors

Petals with Purpose!!!

– a movement where each bloom not only enhances beauty but also champions societal change and corporate responsibility. #PetalsWithPurpose

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Captivating the Consumer,
Translating the Trend

The Flower Trends Forecast will aggregate data points and insights from leading consumer trend reports to distill what is the most applicable to the flower consumer.

How the trend is represented in the floral space from the corresponding visual palette to other visual elements will be shown in a variety of mediums including photography and video.

The Flower Trends Forecast goes beyond identifying what the consumer wants and provides specific actionable ideas to help business in the floriculture industry maintain and increase consumer demand.

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Flower Trends Forecast: A Publication of International Floral Distributors, Inc. (IFD)
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