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New Flowers

The breeders of new cut flower varieties have afforded consumers a continual stream of improved flowers, more colors, more disease resistance, better forms and longer life. Here we share information on new flower varieties available so that we may provide greater value to consumers.

Tinted Roses

New Colombian Cut Flower Provides Region With New Opportunity

The Inirida flower, sold in the U.S. as Stella, is changing lives in the region of Eastern Colombia where it is grown.  With incredible shelf life and broad appeal due to its unique form and color, this Stella is absolutely stellar!  This little-known wild flower is changing lives in the small area of the Colombian-Venezuelan border home to Colombia’s Sikuani Indegenous people.  Stella flowers are imported through Gardens America and available through many IFD Distributors.  See the story on Inirida!

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Amistad Lily

 “Amistad’ Double Oriental Lily Wind SAF Outstanding Variety

‘Amistad’ stole the show with its ‘elegant and classic’ appeal!  A light pink double Oriental lily presented by Sun Valley Floral Farms captured the prestigious  honor of  Best in Show at SAF’s Outstanding Varieties Competition held at the SAF Convention this month.  ‘Amistad’ is a statement maker with its large stunning double soft pink petals borne on long strong stems!  See the list of SAF winners!


New Larger, Longer, Asters Year-Round!

Gypsophila’s New Tiny Giants

Soapwort to many Victorian gardeners but Baby’s Breath to most, has been cultivated and used in the United States since 1828.  But the last 30 years has seen the greatest innovation, use and improvement in gypsophila. BallSB brings us two new improved varieties; Polar Bear & Alba.   Polar Bear has big pure white flowers and thousands of times improved over ‘Coven Garden’ introduced in 1936 by the Grand Junction Seed Company.  See the BallSB Polar Bear and Alba!

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