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Flower trends are constantly evolving. Here we link you with information and topics impacting the world of changing flower trends, flower types, floral varieties, flower colors and floral design styles and arrangements. Here is what is trending in flowers.

Ranunculus Butterfly Ariadne

More Butterfly Ranunculus for Spring

The Sun Valley Flower Farms crew brings us more exciting butterfly ranunculus!  From the sweet pale pink of Ariadne to the deep red of Hades and the deep lemon yellow of Phytalos there will be plenty to wow clients.  See the Sun Valley butterfly ranunculus!

Anthurium Livian

Anthurium, Livian from Anthura

Anthurium, Livian from Anthura wins Best in Show at TPIE.  Livian also won Most Unusual Plant Specimen!  Perfect timing with consumers craving more unique plant and flower material.  Image courtesy of Ball Publishing.  See the inspiration page at Anthura for great ideas for using Anthurium as either potted plants or cut flowers!


Rose: Pink Eye

Do Clients Need New ‘Pink Eye’?

Consumers are craving new and different flowers and Pink Eye also known as Sweet Eye+ from Dummen Orange delivers!  See all the Dummen Orange varieties of cut roses in their Dummen Orange Rose Catalog!


Millenials House Plants

Millenials Make 31% of Houseplant Purchases

Take advantage of the comeback of houseplant sales.  Does your product mix include the newest 'must have decor'; foliage plants?  Learn more about the houseplant craze and why it appeals to consumers in the Greenhouse Management article!


Expo Flor Ecuador 2018

Royal Explorer, Same Great Vase Life as Explorer

Explorer red roses always receive accolades for their long vase life.  Royal Explorer is its more orangish sibling.  But with that same great vase life.  See the Interplant/Plantec display from FlorEcuador 2018.


Haydar Pink

Haydar Pink Released, Van Zanten Breeding to Trial at Colibri in Bogota

The latest addition to the spray chrysanthemum assortment of Royal Van Zanten is Haydar Pink, a sweet, baby pink colored variety!  Van Zanten Breeding just signed a new trial location in Bogota with Colibri Flowers so look for more new flowers to come our way.  See Haydar Pink!


celosia plumosa vintage

Who Would Use Celosia Vintage as a Cut Flower

Sometimes you see something you wish you had!  Royal Van Zanten has introduced a new Celosia; Celosia Vintage.  And although it is being promoted as a garden flower, we think otherwise!  See more of Celosia Vintage and tell us what you think!