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Flower Trends in the News

Trends are the evolution of consumer preferences. Those preferences are driven by individuals’ personal needs and aspirations. Flower trends impact all aspects of a floral purchasing experience. Here we share information advancing the evolution of the trends so that we may be more responsive to the ever-changing desires of consumers.

Alexandra Farms Winter Wedding Trends

2024 Winter Wedding Trends

'Lot of candle decor and more rich and saturated color palettes with deep pinks, reds, and magentas," says Paulina Nieliwocki, founder and lead designer of Blue Jasmine Floral.  This article explores 2024 winter wedding trends.  Modern floral expressions in bolder color palettes are replacing the more of the offwhite palettes we are accustomed to. See the article.

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Feature Raining Blossoms with Kahala Roses

Amplify ‘That Flower Feeling’

Flowers unlock a world of positivity and self-care!  Make your voice loud and celebrate the positive transformation that flowers make in people’s lives!  Make sure to include in your messaging the powerful source of joy, comfort and rejuvenation that flowers create!  Get informed and inspired with our Happiness By Design trend and activate your voice!  For more inspiration read the Thursd article on The Benefits of Flowers.  Found out how you can help motivate more consumers to buy more flowers at That Flower Feeling!

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