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New Flowers

The breeders of new cut flower varieties have afforded consumers a continual stream of improved flowers, more colors, more disease resistance, better forms and longer life. Here we share information on new flower varieties available so that we may provide greater value to consumers.

‘Cool’ Plants Trend

‘Cool’ Plants Trend

TPIE announced the 2021 Cool Product Awards and plant lovers will have more to collect!  From the ‘Ultra Pink’ Aglaonema from Costa Farms to the ‘Jurassic’ Rex Begonia from Ball Seed there are plenty of new cool products.  Eleven companies were awarded for 14 “Cool Products”, see the Garden center Group's recap!



Glazen Tulp 2021 Cut Flower is a Seed Pod

We never knew the Talinum plant genus!  But we love it thanks to Marginpar’s introduction of ‘Long John’, the Glazen Tulp 2021 cut flower category winner!  Covered in small seed pods in red and orange Talinum paniculatum, brings more nature into our world of cut flowers.  Its enough to want fall all over again. See Long John and see all of the Glazen Tulp winners!

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