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Sustainability is about choices... your choices

Your customers want to know you care

Tell your customers about your commitments to sustainability, explain how your choices make a difference, The Chrysal ECO line is here to help make the flower industry more sustainable and give you product choices your customers will support.

Chrysal Paper Sachet

• 100% recycable
• Plastic free
• Improves vase of flowers
• Made from TCF pulp (chlorine free)

Chrysal Arrive Alive® Eco

Eco-friendly flower wrap creates a water reservoir!

• Made from renewable resources
• Fully Compostable
• Keeps flowers without a vase or bucket
• Reduces water use

Chrysal Bag in a Box

Chrysal Professional 2 formula!

• 85% less plastic
• Less freight
• Recyclable outer carton
• Double concentrate 5 ml formula

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