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Marginpar A Game of Colours

A Game of Colours

A Game of Colours

Playing with blossoms and stems

Warm floral colours; rusty, orange, and red meet the richness of gold. A trend that we will also see in some interiors. In flower design, this trend involves slightly diagonal or overlapping positions in vases or containers of the ‘noble’ variety. Flowers that belong to this warm trend are the Dahlia, Jatropha, Crocosmia, orange Gloriosa and Hypericum.

Focal point shifts are interesting for creating asymmetry

The flowers are not arranged radially or vertically. They overlap and shift their focal point diagonally. The shifted focal point of a flower arrangement can be so different, next to, on top of or even below the table edge on which the arrangement stands. Design qualities are needed here, to make the flowers find a perfect home. Some of the trends for 2022 are more spontaneous, wilder even, so natural, but this one is more stylized, placed, made to look at the details. A new look is emerging. Not just full of flowers, but looking at the whole floral fabric and its details.

About the design

The focal area stands sideways from the position the arrangement is standing on. To create this, you need floral technique skills to play with weight and balance. A new chance to learn how to work asymmetrically.


Trend Development: Gregor Lersch

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