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Bouquet Goes Interior

Bouquet Goes Interior

Temporary Interior Elements

The opposite of the hand-tied bouquet is this one, the one that sets the mood in a room. There are many possible forms; the interior bouquet is more stylized and follows the parameters of the environment. A bouquet such as this shows itself in its totality: the stems are clearly visible as well. This trend is marked by the harmony between bouquet and water supply. The container is often a flat plate with a lower water level, if the thirstiness of the flowers allows it. Some ‘swimming’ leaves or petals can be added to the water. Almost all flower styles and positions are possible: standing at the edge of a table, flowing downwards, erect with a few vines, armed with grasses or flowering tendrils to the floor, upright, horizontal as table decoration, restrained lushly or even cool and modern. Grasses, leaves and vines are useful in this trend

When someone enters the room they feel the attraction, the special sight of an uncommon design.

‘Bouquet goes interior’ is a challenge, a reason to keep practicing and studying. This trend requires knowledge of botany: which flowers are suitable - looking at shape and character, creating enough diversity, etc. It is part of our identity as ‘people of the green professions’. It is becoming more and more important to know the names and uniqueness of our floral friends

About the design

A stretched table decoration in the shape of a drop: long and pointed. The structure is made of willow twigs, covered with Clematis bark and wrapped in durable wax cord. The Clematis and Scabiosa in the foreground dominate. The binding ends in a point in such a way that only the slanting cut stems are under the water level. This technique is not suitable for all types of flowers; you really have to be skilled at it to be able to work in this way. The binding point is clearly not a spiral, which is unusual. This style of bouquet - free-standing, lying or leaning - is not made for handing out as a gift, but really for interior decoration.


Trend Development: Gregor Lersch

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