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Fresh vs Dried

Fresh vs Dried

Mix it up

Dried flowers are one of the big trends at the moment, but a flirtation with their lively friends from the flower fields makes the trend feel deeper. In the past, it was sometimes considered a faux-pas, a style break, to mix fresh flowers with dry flowers. With influences from vintage, boho and the garden style, we see more and more flowers in different stages of bloom. Dried flowers remain trendy but mixed with fresh cut flowers it adds a romantic charm. Polianthes with meadow grasses, Statice and Scabiosa, for example. In between dried Hydrangeas, grasses and maybe some Helichrysum or pink Rodathe. Lovers of this movement prefer to let it shrink and dry, as a reminder of the last summer

Dried flowers absorb colour, fresh flowers add colour.

You will see wreaths for walls and doors, where only 2/3 of the ring is covered. Bouquets, flower filled sacks. But why not combine them with fresh flowers, so as not to linger in the past? This look can be changed daily. You can use fresh flowers dry, or place a hidden small tube with water and a rubber cap, with Campanula for example.

About the design

Fresh vs Dried

In a long, weather-beaten looking, zinc container filled with Agrowool as an arranging aid, a 50cm wide wreath is made from various dry materials such as Lunaria, Helychrysum, Peonies, Cotinus and Hydrangea. All tied with organic rope. The ring inside is made of willow and wrapped with bamboo leaves. Standing on sticks, floating over the base in an asymmetrical position. The wreath is covered with flowers in the ratio 3 to 8 (3 empty, 8 covered). The grasses and flowers, such as Agapanthus and Panicum, are quite upright in parallel and give a fresh contrast to the wreath.


Trend Development: Gregor Lersch

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