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Marginpar Straw




A trend with tribal origins, the boho style, from nomadic peoples who lived in very rural areas. Everything they owned was highly transportable, light and mostly organic. Natural-based materials play a major role. Not only weddings and events, but also fashion and decor seem to be more and more plant based.

The mass rise of Pampas and Miscanthus grasses is the result of a longing, the desire for freedom in city life.

They remind us of the nomads, with their tents and animals, who go wherever they want. The straw trend is big in floral design and floristry. The work here is simply made from grass from a meadow, wrapped in organic wax cord and standing upright in u-shapes. Flower designers should embrace these beautiful raw materials like straws, grasses, and fibres. It evokes creativity and inventiveness. The summery Marginpar flowers have the grace and character to fit perfectly into the nomadic world. Houses and businesses are just waiting for input from the floral scene.

About the design

U-shapes of straw are wrapped with wax cords and attached to each other. The Craspedias are pushed into the dry grass. The fresh flowers like Gloriosa are placed in bamboo tubes, wrapped with wax on the inside so that they hold water. The structure is very stable, made of very hard thin bamboo sticks, standing upright on a ceramic dish. Here in combination with the very important long lasting Craspedias. The Gloriosa is the ‘dancer’ in the arrangement. Some yellowish small flowering herbs create an interesting elegance. Two very thin grass garlands provide more movement.


Trend Development: Gregor Lersch

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