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Syndicate Sales

The Flower Experience... Syndicate Style

Lightweight, sturdy and easily transportable! These arches are a game changer…easy set-up and tear-down – even comes with a canvas bag for convenient storage and transport. Four arch shapes available! (Square Arch featured) 9775-01-04

The Dahlia Footed Urn shape creates a clean and contemporary aesthetic adding a modern sophistication to any design! Available in 5 sizes. (6” featured) 8181-06-22

Skip the tape and save time and money! Experienced designers love the DIY Floral Grid for its efficiency. Shop owners love it for its ability to train new designers faster! 720-24-22

The 5 ½” Tapered Crock is an extremely versatile container. Perfect for Next Gen, plant parents and anyone who loves a natural, modern look! Floral arrangements and household plants are both at home in this wonderfully neutral vessel. 9332-06

The Holly Chapple Pillow is foam-free mechanic that checks all the sustainability boxes - Reusable -check! Recyclable – check! Designers love it because it allows them to push the boundaries of design. Consumers love it because it’s easy to change the water and their flowers last longer. The arrangement stays intact and no sticky tape to fight. (6” Pillow featured) 334-96-07

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