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Preference for Certified Environmentally Friendly Floral Providers

🌿 Trust the label, trust the change! 🌸 Survey data revealed a powerful insight: participants are not only more inclined to shop at certified environmentally friendly floral providers, but they also place their trust in these providers' environmental standards thanks to certification. 🌷💚 Let's spark a conversation – does this resonate with you or your customers’ buying choices? Share your thoughts below! 💬🌼 #GreenTrustFactor #CertifiedEcoFlorals 🌺🌱 #SustainableChoices 🌿🌸 #flowertrendsforecast @flowertrendsforecast @deliflor_americas @oasisfloralproductsnamerica @floralmarketingfund @american_floral_endowment @syndicatesales @bloomnet


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