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Petals with Purpose - FloraCommUnity

🌼🌏 Are you wondering what consumers care about when it comes to sustainability? Discover insights from the 'U.S. Consumer Perceptions & Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Environmental Practices in the Floral Industry' study, showing that a significant number of consumers prefer and are willing to pay more for locally sourced flowers. 📊🌹 

Aligned with our #FloraCommUnity trend, this preference bolsters local florists and strengthens community connections, underscoring the value of sustainability and local engagement. 

Whether you are a retail florist or a flower enthusiast, by choosing local blooms, you're not just selling or buying flowers—you're enriching your community and contributing to sustainable growth. For more information about consumer preferences as they relate to sustainability, visit our sponsor Sustainabloom’s website. 🌸💚 #LocalFlowers #CommunitySupport #SustainableChoices

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