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New Flowers

The breeders of new cut flower varieties have afforded consumers a continual stream of improved flowers, more colors, more disease resistance, better forms and longer life. Here we share information on new flower varieties available so that we may provide greater value to consumers.

Netzer Gerbera

Spider Mini Gerbera For Impact

Netzer is a new vibrant orange spider mini gerbera from Dummen Orange.  Spider mini gerberas provide great burst of color in a unique and compelling flower form.  Like most heavily-petaled cut flowers they draw the eye in, the intricate patterns of nature are magical in that they astound us in their beauty and wonder.  See the whole selection of Dummen Orange Gerbera!


Fancy Pink Lisanthus Voyage Champagne

New Flower Blog: Outstanding Varieties Crowned at SAF

Sun Valley Group’s Cotinus awarded Best in Show at the 2019 SAF Outstanding Varieties Competition.  This Cotinus is a remarkable foliage with burgundy oval leaves with red margins and green undersides borne on long linear stems!  Best in Class Dianthus was awarded to Damascus from Dummen Orange, a stunning bicolor carnation with dark rounded margins.  See all the SAF winners!


White Flower

A Standup White Flower

Dekker Chrysanten has introduced Alibaba, a beautiful white disbud with a firm flower and great shelf life.  Looks like the multi-petaled white flower for your next event.  See more Alibaba!    Plus Dekker presents the Dekker Chrysanten Miami Experience to inspire the industry during the International Floriculture Expo, register for the experience here!


Etched Salmon

Peonies: Varieties to Look For This Year

It is the season for peonies and Scott Shepard at shares his picks for peony varieties to look for this spring!  Etched Salmon pictured here starts out as salmon in the bud and opens to this lovely pink.  See Madame Claude Tain,  Sweet 16 and other lovely peonies you may want to use this spring!  See Scott’s blog!


Green Dragon Peppergrass

Green Dragon Peppergrass Newest Filler Flower

The Color Marketing Group named Future Green as a key color and we are seeing foliages of all sorts command attention.  Looking for a new green filler variety?  Look no further- Danziger has introduced Green Dragon Lepidium (peppergrass)- with stronger stems, longer vase life and greater inflorescence, this fine textured filler flower provides great texture and color.  See more Green Dragon!

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