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New Flowers

The breeders of new cut flower varieties have afforded consumers a continual stream of improved flowers, more colors, more disease resistance, better forms and longer life. Here we share information on new flower varieties available so that we may provide greater value to consumers.

Mayabi Miyabi is a  stunning star shaped garden rose from the Japanese breeder Wabara.  See Miyabi and the full collection of Garden Roses from Green Valley Floral!  What bride wouldn’t love these!
New for 2018 from Alexandra Farms; Miyabi is a multicolored rose that starts as a medium pink only to open and show light pink interior. Her petals are strong and form star shapes as she opens.  See more of Miyabi!
Inspiration Magazine
Falcon is a new disbudded white chrysanthemum from Deliflor. The new sturdy large white flower has a green center perfect for a more natural look. Plus see The Joy of Chrysanthemum inspirational magazine for some more mum ideas!
Royal FloraHolland has announced the finalist for the Dutch Tulip Award 2018 and Adele, a unique pink rose from Kordes Roses is among the finalist.  Learn more about Adele!
Denzinger Cosmic
When brilliant white gyp is just the right choice; My White Cosmic gypsophila is the perfect choice.  New from Danziger, this long lasting gyp is super white with exceptionally large flowers!  See more of My White Cosmic!

With heavily petaled flowers so popular don’t over look the many great chrysanthemums!  Siberia is a new white from Deliflor sure to fit any garden style design style. See Siberia and see the inspiration magazine from Deliflor; Joy!


Rose Quicksand is one of the most popular flowers on the IFD Flower Gallery.  The gallery has more new flowers every month; you will love these recent additions; Dianthus Minitiara Coral Pink, Pompon Veronica and Rose Coral X-pression.  Find just the right flowers on the IFD Flower Gallery!

Sun Valley
It is amazing what flower breeders bring us to work with!  Kalanchoe long admired as a beautiful and sturdy potted flowering plant now makes a wonderful cut flower!  Here’s anew cut flower that will work in most any application!  See the new cut kalanchoes from Sun Valley Floral Farms!
Dummen Orange
New carnation and rose varieties from Dummen Orange are featured in this fun Valentines design from Stems Fleur!   Happy Valentines…enjoy the video!
Blue Mums!
Yes!  We will have blue mums!  Naonobu Noda, senior principle researcher with NARO, the Japanese Agriculture and Food Research Organization, started the quest for blue chrysanthemum in 2001.  It may be another decade before we have blue mums to arrange with but here’s a sneak peek!
Candy Cane Lilies
Like a yummy holiday confection, Candy Cane, Oriental lilies from Sun Valley help make the holidays festive!  This long lasting lily open slowly revealing it’s candy cane colors, red centerlines and freckling over a sugar-white petal!  See more about Candy Cane Lilies!
White Nite
From Dr. Tom Heaton and NuFlower comes a truly unique sunflower for 2018!  ProCut® White Nite has amazing flowers that open a creamy vanilla and turn to white!  Plus ProCut® White Lite is a another white with a light colored center!  Bring on the white sunflowers!  See all of the new varieties at Sunflower Selections!
Sweet Flow
As consumers crave more flowers with many layered petals, Interplant Roses introduces their new series of spray roses;  The Flows, featuring ruffled petals!   Flow, alludes to the very special and unique flower shape with ruffled petals and refers to the impression of flowing movement as the bloom matures.  See Sweet Flow and other roses in the new series!
Bouvardia Red Winter
Bouvardia is not the first flower thought of as a Christmas flower but when you see the Chrywijk Brilliant Selections of ‘Red Winter’ and ‘Crazy Green’ you will think Christmas!  See the Brilliant Selections Inspiration page!
Fancy Tulip Guide
Tulips aren’t just for spring any more!  Sun Valley has a whole collection of Fall Fancy Tulips with heaps of fall colors!  See the Fall Fancy Tulip collection!
J Schwanke creates a palm tree centerpiece using Golden Flowers; Platina and Primadonna alstroemeria!   Sign up for the Alstroemeria Giveaway Contest and see the design video!
Dummen Orange
New calla; Flame, new roses; Cuenca, Caraluna, Flash Eye, new carnation; Cowboy and the new Lynx chrysanthemum share the stage in this fun Dummen Orange video!  Pumpkin Patchwork is a weaving of new flower varieties. See the video!
Flowering Your World
Nearly a hundred cut garden roses pictured on one page! inspires us with their gallery of cut garden roses!  Which is your favorite? See the gallery!
The premier fall and winter berry; winterberry!  Sun Valley Floral Farms have been making their own variety selections since 2007 and the results are world class berried branches for the floral design world!  See the Sun Valley winterberry!
IFD Plants
With consumer interest in bringing nature into their lives, plants are gaining popularity.  Find the right plant with the IFD Plant Search.
Fluffly flowers with lots of petals are drawing consumers in!  The Danziger Scoop Scabiosa have all the trendy attributes, rich colors, many petals, fluffy texture!  See all the Scoop Scabiosa or the entire catalog of Danziger cut flowers!
Chispa’  introduced by Deliflor!  Chispa means ‘sparkle’ in Spanish and that describes this yellow-bronze flower with its beautiful contrast perfectly.  More about ‘Chispa’!
Motown by Interplant
Need a rose that can work with many popular palettes?  Motown is anew  versatile peach with shades of pink and yellow from Interplant.  See all of the Interplant Roses new hybrid tea roses!
Just as fall approaches, Deliflor introduces Haiku!    An intense deep red spray chrysanthemum with an intense green center!  See more at Deliflor!
Elite Daisy Millenium
Elites Daisy Millenium. See their full line here.
White Roses
Frank Adams Wholesale conducting vase tests: White rose vase test. Ecuatorian and Eco Rose Farms. Pictures from day 4 out of the cooler in preservative water. Which are your favorites?
Elite White Stock
Elites Double Spray Stock. See their full line here.
Pearl Lady
Sugar Diamond Royal LA Lily is just one of the flowers available from Sun Valley Floral Farms to satisfy those brides wanting Millennial Pink!  Pink weddings continue to grow in popularity and Sun Valley shares some flowers to help you take advantage of the opportunity.  See the post!
Pearl Lady
Elite Flowers new spray carnation: Pearl Lady. See their full line of carnations here.
Elite Flowers new carnation: Pomarosa. See their full line of carnations here.
Blue Moon
Elite Flowers new Spray Rose: Blue Moon. See their full line of Spray Roses here.
2018 New Gerbera Introduction from Dummen Orange
Rose: Blush
Elite Flowers new Rose: Blush. See their full line of roses here.
Dumen Orange: Germini Tafarel is a bicolor bright pink and violet with darker color in the center.
Elite Flowers new Gerbera: Inferno. See their full line of Gerberas here.
Terra Icy
Dummen Orange: Terra Icy is a white Standard viariety with robust flower and petals.
Elite Flowers new Alstroemeria Tiger. See their full line of Alstroemerias here.
Interplant Roses
In the pursuit of innovative new roses, Interplant Roses in the Netherlands has for over 50 years brought the floral world new and exciting roses.  Interplant has just released a line up of new roses: Primio, Honolulu, Yelloween, Svetiana, Highlight and pictured here Morangie!  See all these new roses on the Interplant Rose web site!
Peony Hotline
So many flavors to choose from!  See the many varieties of cut peonies available in the marketplace at!
Green Magma
From HilverdaKooij in Colombia comes Green Magna.  As part of the Sparkz series, Green Magna is big and has intense green flower and long vase life.  See the entire Spartz line of Dianathus!
Lady Dayana
Royal Flora Holland has released the results of second round of voting for the Glazen Tulp Award 2017: and includes Dianthus Lady Dayana pictured here!  See all the Glazen Tulp Award 2017 finalists!
Alaska Florist
Florist Holland brings us both new standard and mini gerbera including Alaska, a cream yellow mini gerbera sure to work into many spring wedding palettes!  See the Florist Holland gerbera!
Layers of shades of pale pink.  A perfect rose for The French Connection!  Roshlyn is a new pink hybrid tea rose from Royal DeRuiter.  You can find it and hundreds of other new flowers on the IFD Flower Gallery!

Founded almost a century ago, DeRuiter has been continuously breeding and improving cut roses.  See Yellow King plus all the DeRuiter bred roses in the DeRuiter Online Cut Rose Catalog!   

Evanthia Seeds & Plants loves bringing us new varieties of improved cut flowers including Brassica oleracea ‘Empire Katya’, see the entire Empire Series!
Edelweiss, was almost extinct. The Sound of Music is partly to blame. This movie caused a real Edelweiss-craze.  And did you know Edelweiss is also suitable as a cut flower? That is because of its exceptionally long flower stems.  See more about Edelweiss!
An icy white spray chrysanthemum named Himalaya. That’s the new single flowered spray chrysanthemum which Deliflor has introduced.   See more about Himalaya!
Interplant Guide
Interplant has released Spray Roses, The Ultimate Handbook 2 showing the entire collection of Interplant spray roses!  Be it Sparkling Graffiti or another inspiring spray rose, you will find plenty to love in this Interplant Guide!
Dummen Orange
Here’s the latest news on new Gerbera from Dummen Orange along with inspiration for desiging with gerbera! See the Dummen Orange Gerbera Newsletter!
Deliflor introduces Etrusko! Beautiful pink color and frayed edges on its petals make Etrusko a distinct newcomer.  See just how fluffy and soft Etrusko is!
David Austin Roses Introduces... CAPABILITY, a strong, deeply colored rose in rich raspberry tones. Large blossoms open fully to a deep cup shape.  See more Capability!
Tabledance, win Best in Show at the SAF Outstanding Varieties Competition.  The Green Valley Floral entry is an awe-inspiring  pink oriental lily!  See the winners!
Hydrangea Amethyst from Sun Valley is a brilliant combo of lavender and green!  See all the Sun Valley Group hydrangea!
Deliflos Delicious Magazine
Deliflor shares some inspiration and design ideas with their 2016 Delicious magazine!  See the magazine!
In early July, David Austin Roses added yet another breathtaking wedding rose variety with their new Purity bloom! Purity, with a classic rose scent, first blooms into a cup and then fully develops into a rosette. See the post!
pollen free lisianthus
Sakata Seed Corporation has created the first pollen-free cut Lisianthus! This new variety, which could lead to more varieties like it, does not contain stamen and eliminates the worry of the bloom staining other flowers and home décor. See the post!
wedding cake tablecloth
Smithers-Oasis shares with you “The 4 C’s of Creating a Show-Stopping Wedding Cake Tablecloth with 1,800 Roses.” Help make the newlywed’s special day stand out even more with unique ideas such as this one. See the post!
2016 flowers of the year
The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers named the top three “2016 Cut Flowers of the Year.” Snapdragon “Madame Butterfly,” hydrangea “Annabelle,” and the Tuberose Mexican Single were named the top fresh, woody, and bulb flowers of the year respectively. See the post!
rossanno dark orange
A new member joined the Rossano family at the end of June with this new Rossano Dark Orange. Brought to us by Kwekerij Waalzicht, this multi-dimensional flower warms any arrangement with its contrasting light and dark colors and offers an extended vase life.
The Anthura collection continues to grow and amaze us with their assortment of cut anthurium in so many amazing and gorgeous colors and hues. According to Anthura, their new Maravilla is a must-have with its strikingly bold purple tone that would be a great accent to any flower arrangement.
Nobbio Striato
The Nobbio Collection at Selecta now has a new addition with the bi-color hyb Nobbio Striato carnation. Splashes of red and white adorn this new flower’s delicate petals has a long vase life giving it all of us another reason to love its astonishing array of color.
NIRP’s rose collection now has a vibrant orange addition in its new Tabasco large flower variety. This innovative breed provides the ultimate spice that will give any floral arrangement an eye-catching flair and leave everyone remembering its unique hue.
Interplant’s new Blitz hybrid tea rose stuns with its edges tinged with bright white harmoniously flowing into a soft white. Blitz offers just the right pop of color for any flower arrangement, whether it be just for around the house or the ideal wedding bouquet.

Deliflor has developed yet another breathtaking chrysanthemum variety in their new Lyra flower. Deliflor’s new creation will not disappoint as its light pink hue allows it to be mixed with a variety of other flowers, offering the perfect calming accent.

Rio Roses introduction of garden roses

Rio Roses announced on their blog The Hive the introduction of garden roses to their rose offering!   See the video showing the varieties available this month!   See the post!

Star Cherry Tessino
Sparkz Flower and HilverdaKooij Colombia introduce the Star Collection of spray dianthus; Star Cherry Tessino, Star Ruby Tessino and Star Snow Tessino!  See these unique star-shaped flowers!
Interplant has just issued a brand new spray rose brochure: 2016 Interplant Spray Roses! This new release contains pictures and descriptions of our latest spray rose varieties, such as Eyeopener®, Fiction®, Galina®, Haley®, Silver Shadow®, Azore®, Tessa®, and of course, the Bombastic®Family. Enjoy!
Pina Colada

To too many it is just a white cushion spray chrysanthemum, but in the continual challenge to increase consumer value even the white cushion spray chrysanthemum must evolve to be better!   Dummen Orange brings us Pina Colada!

Summer Time Gerbera Time
Here is inspiration to fuel your creative side this summer!  Royal FloraHolland supplies us some ‘summertime’ design inspiration at Coloured by Gerbera!
Breanthus Spartz
When we say dianthus do you think carnation?  Well now you might think Breanthus!  Flower innovator, HilverdaKoojj, brings us a new exciting and colorful collection of Breanthus!  See the colors!

Deliflor brings us another beautiful new chrysanthemum, Varese!  It can be beautifully arranged with colors like salmon, coral or cherry; the possibilities are endless.  See more!


Patience, a David Austin Luxury Wedding Rose, has the fragrance of fruit, lilac and myrrh.  And the beauty of ruffled fine lace.  See Patience in all it splendor on the Parfume Flower Company ‘Patience’ page.  See all the David Austin Luxury Wedding Roses here.

The Romantic Garden Collection brochure found at Ensign Wholesale Florals web site is full of inspiration!  See the Eufloria Flowers brochure and all their rose varieties!
IFD Flower Gallery
The IFD Flower Gallery is always expanding and includes some of the hottest new roses including those pictures here; Explorer (top left), Grey Knights (top right), Peach X-Pression (lower left), Optical Sunset (lower right).  The IFD Flower Gallery is perfect for finding just the variety you need; IFD Flower Gallery.
Rossano Charlotte
Named after Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Deliflor is set to introduce Rossano Charlotte.  A large pink spray chrysanthemum tipped with green!  See the Deliflor chrysanthemums!
Viking Roses

Rose breeder Viking Roses set to launch four new garden rose in their Rosa Loves Me collection.  See all the Viking Roses!

Bouvardia Diamond Series
Bouvardia Diamond Series from Royal Van Zanten is nominated for the FloraHolland 'Glazen Tulp 2016' Award. The ‘Glazen Tulp' is a prestigious prize, awarded yearly to the most successful market introduction through Flora Holland.  See the Diamond Series Bouvardia!
Coloured By Gerbera
Need some inspiration for using Gerbera?  Look no further than,, this collaboration of Dutch and Belgian Gerbera growers and Gerbera breeders is full of inspiring design ideas!
Lavender Hydrangea
Finally a true lavender hydrangea!  Royal Benefit is the newest variety introduced from the Hydrangea Breeders Association.  Expect limited supplies from Holland in Spring 2016!
Spice it up with Pimento!  Deliflor introduces a new spray chrysanthemum with great vibrant color!
Charmelia was the winner of the Glazen Tulp Award 2015 and is now being introduced to the North American market by Gardens America.  See this new branching alstromeria with long vase life!
Fall brings interesting cut botanicals and nothing is more fall than colorful rosehips.  See all of the rosehips from The Sun Valley Farms.
La Belle Series
2015 Cut Flowers of the Year from the Association of Specialty Flower Growers includes the Ranunculus La Belle Series, see all the winners!
SAF More great new flowers! Here are the winners from the SAF Outstanding Varieties Competition!
Deliflor Another exciting novelty chrysanthemum from Deliflor!   This beautiful flower is a type that can be used all seasons.  See Elstar!
Sasha Sasha is a new premium two-tone green hydrangea from Groflowers in Colombia.  See all the full list of Groflowers hydrangeas.

Flower of the gods!  Green Trick and Green Ball Dianthus our go to green flower!  Sun Valley shares some design ideas and the secrets to growing Dianthus!

Amara Evi Amara Evi is the new creamy white Delphinium hitting the European market.  Amari Evi is from specialist, Amara Florea, who has a great online image guide to Delphinium varieties, see it here.

Arleen is just one of the new rose varieties added to the IFD Online Flower Search ToolCut Flower Wholesale shared this great video of new rose varieties added to the Online Flower Search tool!  The best cut flower search tool in the industry!

Bridal Lace “Clustar Roses, a new kind of rose is born”, states Dutch based Interplant Roses. This rose will according to the company enchant and delight everyone: from rose growers to florists, from wholesale traders directly to the bride planning her wedding. Clustar Roses are bred by Grandiflora Nurseries Pty. Ltd. and introduced by Interplant Roses. Grandiflora.  See all the Cluster Roses including Bridal Lace!
Reflex U.S. peony season ready to go full bloom for spring and summer weddings!  See this informative video on Peonies by Kennicott; Seasonality, Varieties, Care & Handling.

Interplant has anew spray rose brochure.  Including Reflex pictured here.  Click here for the PDF version or to order multiple hardcopies of the brochure email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clematis Amazing London is a new cut clematis bred by Wim Snoeijer from Clematis Nursery J. van Zoest in Netherlands.  Amazing London is just one of many fun novelty cut flowers grown by Marginpar – see the Marginpar cut flower collection!
Mango Deliflor has introduced a spray chrysanthemum, MangoAptly named one of Deliflor’s ‘Delicious Chrysanthemums’
Scented Whisper Love this Scented Whisper spray rose!  Lots of garden rose inspiration at the Parfume Flower Company Phot Gallery!  See a Scented Whisper video on the Flower Trends Forecast Facebook Page!
David Austin Collection David Austin Roses continues to wow consumers and the demand for cut English garden roses continues to grow.  David Austin Roses is hybridizing more new seedlings than ever and the production of David Austin Roses continues to increase-you should be the local expert-see the David Austin Collection 2015.
LA Dreaming Hydrangea

Consumers love hydrangeas and Ball Ornamental is creating a stir with L.A. Dreaming Hydrangea macrophyllaL.A. Dreaming shows blue, pink and everything in between on the same plant!  Expect even more customer awareness of hydrangeas as the production roles out this spring!

Prosecco From the rose breeder who first created spray roses as cut flowers comes Prosecco, a new cream colored hybrid tea rose from Interplant. See all of the new Interplant hybrid teas rosesSee the collection of Interplant Premium spray roses.
Bach by SV This is Royal Bach from Sun Valley, a no-smell Royal Lily.  Find this great article on lily fragrance and the lily scent guide on the Sun Valley Blog!
David Austin

The David Austin Roses galleries are filled with inspiration.  Like this beautiful cascading bouquet using Constance garden roses!

Pleasure Yellow

What a rich, versatile spray mum! Pleasure Yellow is a uniform spray chrysanthemum with a nice contrast of red, yellow and green.  See the Dekker assortment of chrysanthemums!

Euphorbia fulgens As December approaches the mix of flowers change and one of the unique choices for white is Euphorbia fulgens.  See the winter fashion flowers from the Flowers and Plants Association UK!
Fredy Carnation The Dianthus genus gives us so much floral design material in such a wide array of colors!  The La Gaitiana Farms carnation catalog is bursting with color inspiration!  And yes it is  ‘just’ carnations!
Statue Statue is described as a beautifully pink colored rose, currently grown in the highlands of Kenya for the European market. It opens slowly and has a vase life of minimum 12 days.  More about Statue.
IFD Flower Gallery Fox Trot, Novia and White Beach are all new rose varieties you will find on the IFD Flower Gallery, with nearly 4,000 flower images, the IFD Flower Gallery is the go to online flower gallery tool!
Glow in the Dark Not every occasion calls for glow in the dark roses, but when it does a new Dutch rose offering has the answer!  VIP Roses has developed a nontoxic treatment for roses with no ill effects on vase life for those sizzling occasions.
Marama Chrywijk just started with the supply of two new disbudded chrysanthemums Marama & Marama Sunny from breeder Dekker Chrysanten
Captain Reno Each year hundreds of cut flower varieties compete for the coveted SAF Outstanding Varieties Best in Show Award. The 2014 Best in show honors go to Blushing Parasol, a gorgeous pink spray rose entered by Eufloria Flowers. See all the best in Class winners.
Captain Reno Purple zant attack!  Calla lilies return Sun Valley Floral Farms and the line up includes Captain Reno a great purple zant for those regal and rich purple weddings and events.  See all the Sun Valley new calla lilies!
Lemonade Hydrangea Pink Lemonade is the new blush pink hydrangea from Royal Flowers and is perfect for all those blush pink and peach weddings.  See all the Royal Collection hydrangea!
LadySuzanna Interplant brings us yet another outstanding event rose; Lady Suzanna.  A great soft blush pink color and intermediate size to dazzle brides with.  See all of the new Interplant intermediate roses!
Walters Gardens-Paeonia Felix-Crousse The Alaskan peony season is just around the corner!   Felix Crousse is a stunning dark pink variety available from Alaska.  Check out the whole array of colors and varieties that are available at Alaska Peony Growers Association.
Interplant Introductions Spray roses, hybrid tea roses,  sweetheart roses and fragrant roses are all in Interplant’s new 2014 Brochure.  See for yourself the lovely newcomers like Lullaby, Krypton, Pushkin, the bi-colouredMic Mac or our orange Peggy Sue.
Gigi Cream Alstroemeria Dutch breeder and grower of alstroemerias H.M. Tesselaar has introduced Gigi Cream Alstromeria, great color and good quality stems.  See all the Tesselaar alstromeria here.
Prada Sweet New spray chrysanthemum from Fides, Prada Sweet has the same unique qualities and excellent vase life as the dark pink Prada, combined with a pale pink colour that fades into white.

Ranunculus Super Rhone White was one of many outstanding cut flowers featured at World Flower Expo in the Naniwa Flower Auction exhibit.  See the great picture gallery on their Facebook page.

Bomber Green This green spray Chrysanthemum has an unique appearance due to the flower shape and color.  Bomber Green from Dekker provides a rich green color with a unique flower for lots of impact.
Green Glow Interplant Roses brings us a new exciting spray rose, Green Glow.  A beautiful large headed spray rose that provides that touch of green to a beautiful white rose.
FloraHolland FloraHolland has just announced the availability of a new white phlox, 'Whitecap'. With year round availability this pure white phlox can provides a classic nostalgic look yet be combined with more modern styles.  From Dvir Farms and available now on the Dutch market.
bromeliad Pitcairnia hitchcockiana ‘Red Dragon’ When you need a red line flower here’s a choice with impact. The bromeliad Pitcairnia hitchcockiana ‘Red Dragon’ is a new cut flower from New Zealand. It was submitted to the Novelty Showcase last week at the international trade fair, IPM 2014 (Germany).
Clematis Star River wins Glazen Tulip 2014 Clematis Star River wins Glazen Tulip 2014 for best new cut flower. Each year, Dutch flower auction FloraHolland presents the Glazen Tulp (Glass Tulip) Award to the most successful introduction to the market in the categories of cut flowers, houseplants, garden plants and sales concepts.  More about Star RiverSee all the winners!
Danzinger From Danziger, the breeders of Million Star Gypsophila, comes Scabiosa Blackberry Scoop!  See all of the Danziger winning new varieties. See Danzingers FB page.
Terra Nigra: Terra Plymouth - The Very Early Flowering Christmas Rose Dutch based breeding company Terra Nigra adds four new mini gerbera varieties. See here
Flower Trends Forecast 2014 has been released. Check out how flowers are being used. Gerberas, Dianthus, Sun Flowers, Proteas, Poppy Pods, Callas, Cymbidiums, Thilandsia and more. Colors, flowers, and textures intertwined to create: confetti, grand lodge, revival, and aqua culture.
Winterbells - The Very Early Flowering Christmas Rose Winterbells® continues to surprise grower, retailer and consumer by its very early, abundant and long lasting flowering. Early September the first flowering Winterbells® become available on the market with guaranteed blooming until March the following year.
Van den Bos Flowerbulbs “This is a new true Premium white Oriental variety”, states Dutch wholesaler Van den Bos Flowerbulbs in its newsletter. Premium Blond is bred by Mak Breeding and brought onto the market by The Originals.  See all the Mak Breeding Oriental lily varieties here.
Kaleo In an exclusive and popular fashion shop in Rotterdam, Kaleo®, the new light lilac anthurium from Dutch breeder Anthura,  shines between the most luxurious designer hand bags.
Walkers, Selecta Red Carnation Walker, Selecta’s red carnation, won Gold Medal at “FlowersExpo’2013” in Moscow, Russia.  Selecta, owned and managed by the Klemm family in Stuttgart, Germany breeds and propagates great carnations, see all of the Selecta carnations!
Sun Valleys Asiatic Lily Tango Orange Art Sun Valley brings yet another fun Asiatic lily; Tango Orange Art!  The Tango Series is just one of the many series of exciting lilies from The Sun Valley Group, see all TSVG Lilies here!
Hybrid Tea rose, Hearts, wins Best in Show! SAF’s Outstanding Varieties for 2013 Revealed!  Hybrid tea rose, Hearts, wins Best In Show!  See all the winners at
Interplant Catalog 2013 Interplant has just released their new rose catalog for 2013-14.  See all of the Interplant new rose varieties at the Interplant web site including Extreme a flashy  pink and peach crème bicolor!
AFE Sex Murder Greed The words “murder,” “sex” and “greed” aren’t normally associated with floriculture, unless you are the American Floral Endowment (AFE), which today at their annual fundraising dinner launched a fresh and eye-opening approach to educating the industry about the positive impacts it makes on critical industry problems.
Garden Roses David Austin
Garden roses continue to be very popular for creating bouquets to celebrate a wedding. Here David Austin Roses provides many ideas for creating garden rose bouquets.
3D Rose
3D is a new rose with fruity peach color with rosy guard petals perfect for those rose and peach color themes. See all of the new rose varieties from NIRP
IFD Flower Gallery
The IFD Flower Gallery’s newest navigation category is ’Gerbera Gerrondo’! Gerrondos continue to increase in popularity with many new varieties introduced. Gerrondos have 500-700 petals in overlapping rows resulting in their ‘cushion-type’ flower appearance. See the Gerrondo gerbera at the IFD Flower Gallery.
IFD Flower Gallery
Thistle Magical Green is just one of the hundreds of new flower images found on the IFD Flower Gallery. The best online tool for finding just the right cut flower varieties to please your next event client! Click here to go the IFD Flower Gallery.
Elite Seedling
The Elite Flower gives us a rose variety chart that is very friendly for working with clients. The chart is visually organized with eye catching color blocks that help focus the client on color decisions. See the PDF variety chart here.
Fides Pink Prada
Video from the Fides Flower Festival 2013 highlighting great new cut novelty chrysanthemums including the intense dark pink colored Prada, characterized by its unique flower type, the multiple rows of petals and lasting green center.
The ‘Glazen Tulp’is a prestigious Award for the best flower and plant introductions of the year. Optimist, the chrysanthemum pictured here, is in the semi finals we congratulate Grower Van Helvoort Chrysanten and breeder; Dekker for this fine new cut flower. See all the winners!
Anthura breeds and reproduces Anthurium and Orchids both as pot plants and as cut flowers. Avenir is a beautiful new pink/red anthurium with lots of impact. To see all of Anthura’ varieties check out their web site.
Inspiration by Dekker Chrysanten
Dekker Chrysanten produced a new inspiration brochure to illustrate new design styles for chrysanthemums.  See the new brochure and web site at
Adri van Doesum oversees the Research Department
at Interplant Roses B.V. in Leersum, Holland where
hundreds of thousands of rose seeds are generated by making over 30,000 cross pollinations of varying parents in hopes of finding the next great roses.  See their newest introductions, including Chococcino®
Flower Gallery

Sometime you just need something unique to make a
statement. Frittilari gives you instant impact! Holex is
featuring an exciting and vibrant variety this season,
Frittilari ‘Orange Beauty’.

Flower Gallery
Dutch Lily Days are coming again and we expect the Dutch lily breeders to bring us more great varieties of lilies! The Dutch Lily Days Brochure links to the web sites of 16 of the leading lily breeders. But when you need to find what lily varieties are right for your next event visit the IFD Flower Gallery where over 100 lily varieties are featured for your to see.
Guzmania 'Hope' has an unusual red flower with white tips. This beauty from Deroose Plants is one of the highlights in the 2013 TPIE Exhibitor Showcase of New Flowering Plants. See all the new flowering selections on the FLGNA web site.
High Divine
Dutch Flower Breeder: Preesman, launches increased
Facebook presence to draw attention to its varieties.
Facebook Link. Preesmans Newsletter.
ASCFG Cut Flower of the Year 2013
Members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, Inc. have selected the Fresh, Woody Stem, and Bulb Cut Flowers of th eYear for 2013. The evaluation is based on the cultivars' performance in the ASCFG National Cut Flower Trials, and recomendations from cut flower growers across the country. See the winners
Celex Celosia
Celosia provides a texture few flowers can duplicate. 
The new instruction Bombay Bronze is coming in 2013 and works right in to the Heirloom theme in the 2013 emerging trends!
Winning Varieties Article

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