What is Trending

Flower trends are constantly evolving. Here we link you with information and topics impacting the world of changing flower trends, flower types, floral varieties, flower colors and floral design styles and arrangements. Here is what is trending in flowers.

Magical and Whimsical Vibes

Trends Magical and Whimsical Vibes

You will love the wedding designs from Vero Designs in this Junebug Weddings pictorial!  This romantic, ‘secret garden wedding’ is ethereal and whimsical!  Grayed pastels dominate with caramel, lavender and blush pink roses creating a fairytale inspired wedding.  See the Junebug Weddings Blog!

Trends Evolve

Trends Evolve and Blend

Trend blending leads to new micro trends that can develop into trends that have you buying new products and offering new design styles.  Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI and Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI explore trend blending in this Super Floral article The Blend Trend!

Seed Your Future

Trends Blog: Seed Your Future…..Germinates

Seed Your Future is a movement to promote horticulture and inspire people to pursue careers working with flowers and plants.  What can you do to grow the next generation that has green thumbs?  Learn more in this recent Greenhouse Product News article and visit Seed Your Future!

Meet Helen Miller

Meet Helen Miller

Flower Trends Forecast 2020 Designer Helen Miller shares some thoughts on the next generation of flower buyers and reveals the source of her early inspiration in this month’s LivRio.  Find the article in the November issue of LivRio.

Nectar Bloom

A Modern Medium of Flowers

Jen Lagerdrost Cavender of Nectar + Bloom offers a spirited, fine art floral offering.  Jen’s designs are a remarkable and inspiring experience using the medium of flowers.  Her current Instagram posts, and much of her wedding and event portfolio, embrace the design attributes, that make the a new leaf trend style so appealing to consumers.   See the  Nectar + Bloom Instagram, Nectar + Bloom Weddings Portfolio

Living With Nature

Décor Trend - Living With Nature

Luisa Rodrigues and the crew at TrendBook have released a new video sharing their insights into Interior Design Trends 2021- and it is good for flowers and plants!  ‘Natural Elements’ is identified as a décor trend for 2021 and is based on bringing nature into our homes!  Using natural materials, plants and flowers remind us of life outside of our home and create a mix with nature within our homes.  See the TrendBook video!


Luxe Textures of Velvet

Smooth and shiny velvets make comeback for 2020 bridesmaid dresses and make wonderful backdrops for a posh + polished bridesmaid bouquet!   From golden yellows to burgundies to mauves, brides will be selecting from new colors in 2020.  Wedding blogger, Alex Baca-Rodriguez from Belle The Magazine shares bridesmaid dress colors for 2020!  See the article.

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers Connect Us to Nature

Let the outside in!  The current dried flower trend is an eloquent and easy way for floral décor to connect us to the natural world we crave and live in. The New York Times explores the current trend with this article shared at Thursd.com.

Emerald Design

blush + burgundy = posh + polished

Emerald Design shares a version of the blush + burgundy color palette for weddings!  Many brides are drawn to this romantic and elegant palette.  Whitney Muncy at Emerald Design talks creative ways to create wedding floral in this trending palette.  See the article!