Pete Garcia - Flower Trends Forecast 2015

Lapis Luxury is an event in blues and white; refined, formal and crisp. Contrast is a key element to many design techniques, contrasting colors, contrasting textures and contrasting forms build impact and draw us in. This trend include many products from the Pete Garcia Company.

Majestic - Flower Trends Forecast 2019

The Majestic wedding produces an elegant and romantic event. The polished style comes from the use of rich colors with the metallic accent of gold. The regal shades of violet and purple make everything vibrant and gives the affair a very bold, elegant and romantic feel.

Modern Garden - Flower Trends Forecast 2015

The most popular wedding theme for 2015 is the romantic garden look! The vintage look of the English garden features flowers that appear fresh picked and include hydrangeas, roses and calla lilies all mixed with textural cut greens. Modern Garden has that vintage yet modern appeal with antiquity only seen when desired.

Patrician Candles - Flower Trends Forecast 2015

The Kaleidoscope event is bold and playfully bright but it is also sophisticated. Candlelight provides the stylish and classy feel to create that sophistication and Patrician brand candles from Candle Artisan help create the Kaleidoscope event.

Accent Decor - Flower Trends Forecast 2015

The Majestic wedding is romantically set using the Accent Decor Gold Milan Vase