Wedding Bouquet Trends - Flower Trends Forecast 2015

Syndicate Sales - Flower Trends Forecast 2015

Modern Garden is soft and unstructured with an earthy and artisanal feel, the Weathered Slate planters from Syndicate Sales provide the natural texture and hand-crafted look to make this garden modern!

FloraCraft - Flower Trends Forecast 2015

The Majestic themed event is regal and romantic. Stunning polished gold accents, like the inverted Styrofoam cones from FloraCraft, covered with gold leaves, dazzles the eye and provides the contrast to all of the rich violet and purple flowers!

Smithers Oasis - Flower Trends Forecast 2015

Architectural forms like the Oasis Spheres and clean lines from the Oasis Display Buckets help create the tailored look of Kaleidoscope.

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