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Into The Jungle

An urban fever with vivid colors

Flower Trends Forecast 2017: Into The Jungle

Sun kissed shades of yellow with muted and brilliant hues of red, orange, green and chambray create the bolder style of the Into The Jungle trend. Tropical flowers and bold colors contrasted with textural foliages make Into The Jungle passionate and alluring.

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Flower Trends Forecast 2017: Into The Jungle with Syndicate Sales

Inspired by alluring sun-kissed hues of yellow, orange, blue and green, the Into The Jungle trend incorporates bright tropical flowers with textural foliages to create a brilliant, glistening, style. Syndicate Sales spectrum of colored and vintage glass helps us create the look and feel of an urban fever with vivid colors, it is Into The Jungle!

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Into the Jungle contains exotic textured prints and patterns encompassed by brilliant muted tones of jungle hues that voice a passionate call for the wild. The allure of this refreshing, gentle trend reminds one of a warm summer tropical rain as the colors of the jungle radiate throughout the surroundings. Sun-kissed shades of orange, yellow, and red glisten alongside tropical foliage, mosses, vines, cork, and bamboo. An array of calla lilies, bird of paradise, and heliconia uniquely come together in hand-crafted woven baskets showcasing an earthy and organic appearance. Into the Jungle’s ethereal tranquility shimmers in a flowing and sheer fashion while embodying a sunlit glow only the wild can produce.

alluring summer hues glisten passionate sun-kissed patterns

Flower Trends Forecast 2017

Into The Jungle Supplies
  • Giftwares 9.5” Bamboo Wrap Glass Cylinder (GB1530)
  • Syndicate Sales 12” Bud Vase Fiesta Assortment (3371-24-246)
  • Accent Déor Cork Vase 4.75” x 11.75” Brown (68525.25)
  • Berwick Offray Wired Corky Ribbon, Natural (22-4117)/span>
  • Candle Artisan Patrician Taper Candles
  • Oasis™ Midollino Sticks, Turquoise (41-12556)

Into The Jungle Flowers

Into The Jungle Flowers


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