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The French Connection Falling in love with France all over again

IFD 2017 Trend Summary French Connection

French Connection: Luxurious, Sophisticated.

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Flower Trends Forecast 2017: French Connection with Accent Décor

The simple shapes and metallic finish of the Accent Décor Fairytale series provide a seductive and sensuous feel to the French Connection look. Patterned ceramics in muted colors, like the Accent Décor Mosaic Cube, help complete the classic look and romance of the French Connection trend.

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The French Connection is inspired by a sophisticated mixture of the spices, home décor, and textiles found in French country style and the formal Parisian design. Softer red hues splash with hints of orange and chocolate brown providing a rich, bold presence to the French Connection. Luxurious romantic blooms of roses, poppies, and orchids complement overabundant arrangements of millet and viburnum berries. The French Connection trend is completed as the muted floral decorations are encased in lavish ribbons atop pedestal vases or within ceramic and refined metallic pieces. In order to embrace its multicultural air, small botanical prints embody the French Connection’s sensuous and seductive passion.

The French Connection: refined metallic sophisticated muted hues botanical prints

Flower Trends Forecast 2017

French Connection Supplies
  • Accent Décor Ivy Vase 4”x 6.75” (35131.00)
  • Accent Décor Fairytale Compote 6” x 8.5” (35223.00)
  • Accent Décor Fairytale Vase 5” x 12” (35224.00)
  • Accent Décor Fairytale Vase 11.75” x 17” (35225.00)
  • Accent Décor Mosaic Cube Blue 6.25” x 6.25” (99301.30)
  • Accent Décor Chaplin Bottle 7” x 8.75” (35092.00)
  • Accent Décor Chaplin Bottle 11.25” x 15.25” (35094.00)
  • Giftwares 7.5” Gold Mercury Pedestal Urn (GM734)
  • Giftwares 8.5” Gold Mercury Pedestal Urn (GM737)
  • Plus One Votive, Hanging Hobnail 3.5” x 7” Gold (850329GLD)
  • Candle Artisan Patrician
  • Taper Candles
  • Candle Artisan CandLED-it
  • LED Flicker Flame
  • Oasis Candle Stake (3600)
  • FloraCraft Gala Bouquet Holder
  • Design Master Color Tool
    Larkspur Blue (707),
    Almond (794), Premium
    Metals Champagne Silver (234)

French Connection Flowers

French Connection Flowers


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