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The Lustre event is imbued with opulent metallics. Lustre is a rich combination of metallic sheen and sparkle for the modern bride. Metal, metal and more metal!

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Elegant, formal.


Gilded accessories, metal plated, glitter, sequins, chain and jewelry-like trim.


Mercury glass, clear glass, ceramic, mirror, high sheen finishes.


Form flowers with bold shapes and lines.


Flower Trends Forecast 2016

Flower Trends Forecast 2016: Lustre using Candle Artisan

Flower Trends Forecast 2016: Lustre using Smithers Oasis


The Lustre event combines all the colors and textures of amazing alloys. Gold, silver, copper, platinum, bronze and rose gold are all in this luxe trend. Black and white ground this color palette and offers a beautiful, graphic contrast to the richness of the metallics. Traditional white, champagne and ivory flowers such as carnations and mums blend with calla lilies, phaleonopsis and garden roses.

The florals are complimented with foliages and echeveria enhanced with metallic paints. High gloss containers and accessories complete the Lustre table.

Flower Trends Forecast 2016

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