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The Sorbet event is modern and lively.

 sorbetSorbet on Pintrest


Modern and lively.


Geometric patterns, accents of denim and linen, graphic floral prints.


Cement, colorful ceramic, clear glass, natural cork, bark and wood in modern shapes.


Soft color with bright accents.


Its sweet colors and geometric accents are polished and refined. Sorbet is a combination of pastels and brights. The style is young and fresh with a nod to mid-century modern style. The Sorbet bride loves bright and sassy and combines colors brilliantly to tell the story of her event. The color palette features lemon-yellow and adds to it rich blue, coral, spearmint, lavender, powder blue and dove grey. The soft colors are an unexpected contrast to the geometric forms in the flowers and accessories. Softly textured flowers, such as peonies, ranunculus, dahlias, delphinium and tulips, are arranged in containers that are geometric and naturally textured.

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