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Flower Trends Reimagined 2023

Today’s consumers are overstimulated and bombarded with information and capturing their attention has become extremely challenging. Consequently, businesses in the floriculture space require new resources and actionable insights to cut through the constant noise in the ever-changing digital world.

One such resource is the reimagined Flower Trends Forecast from IFD. This ongoing resource housed exclusively on digital channels is designed to inform, inspire and activate the industry to capitalize on leading consumer lifestyle trends.

Every two months, the Flower Trends Forecast will introduce a new consumer lifestyle trend sponsored by both fresh and hard goods suppliers. With each consumer lifestyle trend, the forecast will demonstrate not only how the trend fits within the floriculture space, but also how businesses selling cut flowers, plants and floral supplies can translate the trend to drive increased revenue. “Translating the trend” is primarily what sets IFD’s trend forecast apart from other industry reports.

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