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EcoFloral Renaissance - Spotlight on Sustainable Floral Design #2

🌏 In the world of floral design, every choice matters 🌸. From the blooms we select to the containers that hold them, prioritizing eco-friendly options is essential for a sustainable future 🌿. Ecossentials™ containers are leading the way! Made from agricultural byproducts like straw, bamboo skin, corn, and coffee husks, these innovative containers not only reduce waste but also elevate aesthetics. They’re lighter than ceramic but have the charm of natural stone 🪨. Exploring a range of eco-friendly floral goods ensures our designs resonate with beauty and responsibility. Let’s champion a sustainable approach in every aspect of our craft! 🌱

            Product Spotlight🌟

🌱 @oasisfloralproductsnamerica Floral Foundation: Oasis® Terrabrick™ Floral Media

🌱 @oasisfloralproductsnamerica Container: Ecossentials™ Tapered Cylinder

🌼 @deliflora_americas Fresh Product: Tropicana Disbud, Babette Daisy, Vespa Daisy

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