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At Home Spa


 Creating an at home spa doesn’t have to be complicated. Bath salts, body scrubs and a glass of wine come to mind. Now add fresh flowers to the list of must haves and in an instant, you have elevated the experience. Beautiful blooms in the bathroom – let the unwinding begin!





Three years after the pandemic, the term “healing home” has taken on new meaning. Consumers continue to improve their at-home surroundings in order to create spaces where they can unwind, relax and decompress. Adding a floral component can certainly help promote greater tranquility.






Humans have been using flowers and plants since the beginning of time to cure ailments and provide relief. The Mother Nature's Medicine Micro Trend explores the consumer's interest in flowers extending beyond traditional floral arrangements. Consumers are using blooms and nature's bounty in their health and beauty rituals, in beverages, as well as in 'grounding' therapy to relieve stress and anxiety. They are turning towards flowers that directly provide health benefits like lavender for reducing stress and anxiety, chamomile flowers to reduce inflammation and chrysanthemums for their high levels of antioxidants. The palette for this trend takes on more muted tones, including lavenders and soft peaches that provide a soothing color scheme.


Bouquets! Self care at its finest!

That Flower Feeling is providing campaign assets to promote flowers as a simple form of self-care. Store signage, video, and the flower feeling logo can be applied to any floral product or marketing asset.

Take it up a notch! Encourage self care by starting a rewards program "Just for Me". Provide that extra incentive to encourage your customers to experience Happiness By Design. Increase sales! Increase store traffic! Increase Happiness!


Bouquets Buddies help you Decompress!

Mother/Daughter time! This activity is a two-for one! Not only is it fun and educational, but the finished product can be enjoyed long after. Make something beautiful for all to enjoy while having a great time!
"Gotta have flowers in the house!"

Enjoy some flowers, we know your day has been tough. Relax and re energize while you enjoy the beauty of flowers. Flowers are a proven way to decompress.
Refuel! Refresh!

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