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Immersed in a sense that all of nature’s materials are not separate, but one. Blurring the lines of how we use nature
with a combination of plants and fresh and dried flowers, one is inclined to embrace the impermanence of this style. Designs constructed using all materials in one strike a sense of curiosity from onlookers. Can all of nature’s bounties be used together as one and still be as impactful? YES! Roses, lisianthus, orchids, stock and hydrangeas are used in muted tones of butter yellow, coral, beige and cream. Flowers mixed with interesting plant materials, cut foliages and dried flowers dominate but all-dried and all-foliage designs can be just as alluring.


Images showcasing the "a new leaf" color palette

A New Leaf, a trend from Flower Trends Forecast 2020

A fresh color palette consumers love. Immersed in the values of nature and filled with colorful flowers and PLANTS! FLowers mixed with plants and plant material provide a deeper connection and conviction to the world and our environment.

Flower Trends Forecast 2020

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