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This harmonious collection of colors invites the playful side forward. Bright colors paired with intention excite and calm simultaneously creating a refined yet whimsical look reminiscent of being a world traveler seeing the different patterns and colors from various cultures. Accents of iridescence and bold prints also add a curated sense to this look. Bright, bold and vivid Gerbera Daisies, Sunflowers, Orchids, Protea and Craspedia in their dominant color forms are all grouped for harmony and texture and remain grounded by the implementation of a darker ink gray.


Images showcasing the "vibrant vibe" color palette

IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2020: Vibrant Vibe a trend from Flower Trends Forecast 2020

All types of flowers can be used but Gerbera daisies, roses, sunflowers and pincushion protea all give that burst of vibrant color, dramatically. Design styles can be playful and untraditional, unique containers and dynamic design add to the fresh, youthful feel of Vibrant Vibe. A spirited and strong palette reflect the energy and aspirations of the Vibrant Vibe hosted event. Saturated yellows, oranges, pinks and reds all play well with Vibrant Vibe.

Flower Trends Forecast 2020

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