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Magnificent Mediterranean Wedding

Magnificent Mediterranean wedding cream ‘Purity’ garden roses from David Austin wedding & Gift Roses are dusted with tones of pale apricot and combined with white dendrobium orchids. An Oasis ELEGANT® Bouquet Holder pulls this look together and creates a timeless, romantic freeform cascading bouquet. This warm, inviting trend emulates the bride’s distinct, alluring personality and sets the stage for her to be the most romantic bride.

Incarnation of Earths Element Wedding

Incarnation of earth’s element wedding classic wedding bouquets delight the Incarnation of earth’s element bride. The trend has a modern edge as it leans toward browns, greens, and whites. These bouquets use a variety of textured foliages to showcase an appreciation of nature. This freeform bouquet uses ‘Patience’ roses from David Austin Roses, white peonies, and an array of textural fillers and foliages.

Positively Posh Wedding

Positively Posh wedding is passionate and feminine. Positively Posh is about discovering uniqueness and style. Delicate elements set against deep velvet and plum tones create a romantic couture look. Grays, pinks, and light neutrals contrast with bursts of vibrant fuchsia and purple hues. Freeform bouquets wondrously exemplify the radiant affection that envelopes Positively Posh.

Folk Art Reinvented Wedding

Folk Art Reinvented wedding where natural elements balance the bright color spectrum in Folk Art Reinvented. The trend entices the bride with an explosion of mixed, bold colors and encourages her to take the garden style to new heights. Bouquet designs will vary in size, shape, and flower choice, but none will outshine the freeform bouquet pictured here. A well-balanced mix of colors, shades, flowers, and accent foliages is key to creating the ideal Folk Art Reinvented freeform cascading bouquet.


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