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Folk Art Reinvented Upbeat and quirky meets hippy and country chic



hippy meets country chic



Folk Art Reinvented containers colors and flowers

Golden Flowers Patrician Candles Syndicate Sales Samples of Folk Art Reinvented

Natural elements balance the bright color spectrum in the Folk Art Reinvented wedding. The trend entices the bride with an explosion of mixed, bold colors and encourages her to take the garden style to new heights. Bouquet designs will vary in size, shape, and flower choice, but none will outshine the freeform bouquet pictured here. A well-balancedmix of colors, shades, flowers, and accent foliages is key to creating the ideal Folk Art Reinvented freeform cascading bouquet.


IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Folk Art Reinvented with Golden Flowers

Bright blooms are used with hand-crafted or re-purposed vessels to create a youthful and spirited expression in Folk Art Reinvented. Golden Flowers provides a variety of dazzling flowers for the explosion of colors required to create Folk Art Reinvented. Although Golden Flowers has roses from the bright and lively to the soft and romantic, you will definitely want to use Golden Flowers brightly colored roses for this themed look.

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IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Folk Art Reinvented with Syndicate Sales

An explosion of mixed color flowers combined with vintage looking colored glass creates Folk Art Reinvented. This whimsical look is where hippy meets country chic to create a youthful new look. Vintage bottles from Syndicate Sales are the perfect vessel for the Folk Art Reinvented motif. You know this event will be fun and spirited, and the flowers will have a punch of saturated color!

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IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Folk Art Reinvented with Candle Artisans

Rich, saturated colors establish a quirky yet vibrant feel to the Folk Art Reinvented look. The selection and colors of candles from Patrician Brand candles from Candle Artisans helps finish the upscale crafty look and draws in guests. The broad range of colors from Candle Artisans makes it easy to achieve the well-balanced mix of colors needed to create Folk Art Reinvented.

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Flower Trends Forecast 2018

Folk Art Reinvented emanates an eclectic expression of pure pleasure and whimsy. Its quirky personality repurposes the typical garden flair as the hippy style meets country chic. Folk Art Reinvented shocks with its saturated oranges, greens, and pinks that pop against subtle tones of peach, cream, and sage.

Bright blooms of gerbera daisies, zinnias, alstroemerias, and roses captivate in one-of-a-kind richly colored glass vases. eccentric accents and patterns, like butterfly motifs, express the spirited allure of Folk Art Reinvented.


  • Syndicate Sales Vintage Bottle Collection Purple (3203-24-425), Pink (3203-24-427)
  • Syndicate Sales Gathered Square Vase 5” Assorted (3095-16-295)
  • Plus One Fiesta Pots 4.5” (922377MUL), 6” (922378MUL)
  • Accent Décor Rosalie Glass Assorted (33270.35,
    33272.31, 33273.31,
    33274.22, 33275.49,
    33277.25, 33276.22,
    33279.32, 33283.31)
  • Accent Décor Saint Candlestick
    3” x 4” (33260.00),
    3.25” x 6.5” (33261.00),
    4” x 8” (33262.00)


  • Plus One Square Moss Wreath
    18” x 18” (313737GRN)
  • Candle Artisans Patrician
    Brand Taper 12” Medium
    Blue (0012-PT-12MBlu)
  • Berwick Offray Burlap
    Ribbon 6” Burly Natural
  • Berwick Offray Natural
    Bees Ribbon #9 (761043)
  • Berwick Offray Ombre
    Ribbon Teal #9 wired
    edge (421383)

FLOWERS INCLUDE Folk Art Reinvented Flowers

GoldenFlowersLogoConverted 50

Folk Art Reinvented is saturated with youthful, vibrant colors as it couples appealing oranges, golds, greens, pinks, and dark purples with more subtle, muted tones. The Orange crush roses and shakira alstroemerias (green) from Golden Flowers reside within the heart of Folk Art Reinvented’s brilliant color palette. Golden Flowers provides a variety of dazzling flowers for an explosion of mixed, vivid colors.


The bold, youthful look of Folk Art Reinvented utilizes rich tones to establish an artistic and spirited vibe. The broad range of colors available in candles from candle Artisans Patrician Brand helps create the crafty and country aspects of Folk Art Reinvented. No wedding or special event is complete without candlelight, and candle Artisans has all of the colors for any occasion.






A medley of brightly colored glass vases of varying profiles develop the feeling of personal expression within the Folk Art Reinvented trend. The Vintage Bottle collection from syndicate sales provides an easy way to deliver this artistic touch.  For a more distinct, vibrant option, the assorted collection of Gathered square Vases from syndicate sales adds the perfect height difference that is key to Folk Art Reinvented.

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