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Magnificent Mediterranean A rich and vibrand style with modern simplicity



Vibrant Style Modern Simplicity



Magnificent Mediterranean containers colors and flowers

Pete Garcia IFD and Design Master Samples of Magnificent Mediterranean

Wedding flowers for The Magnificent Mediterranean trend for 2018 will include cream ‘Purity’ garden roses from David Austin wedding & Gift Roses are dusted with tones of pale apricot and combined with white phalaenopsis orchids. An Oasis ELEGANT® Bouquet Holder pulls this look together and creates a timeless, romantic freeform cascading bridal bouquet. This warm, inviting trend emulates the bride’s distinct, alluring personality and sets the stage for her to be the most romantic bride.  


IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Magnificent Mediterranean with Design Master

Brilliant tones of orange, blue and gold pop against muted beige and cream in the Magnificent Mediterranean color palette.  Creating the bold colors and easy style for this trend look is possible with the help of Design Master Color Tools.  Adjusting colors of flowers or accessories is as simple as a quick spray of just the right Design Master color to give the necessary contrast between bold colors and muted hues to create Magnificent Mediterranean.

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IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Magnificent Mediterranean with Pete Garcia

Magnificent Mediterranean has an earthy, vibrant style requiring the right mix of elements, from natural to patterned. The Pete Garcia Company offers a broad mix of products allowing you to curate geometric patterned vessels, earthy ceramics, colored glass and candles to create the fresh look of the Magnificent Mediterranean.

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IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Magnificent Mediterranean with IFD

Magnificent Mediterranean stuns with its use of geometric shapes and the color palette draws from the bold colors and easy styles of Mediterranean villages. IFD Distributors provide the flowers that allow brilliant tones of orange, blue and gold to pop against hues of beige and cream. Bright sunflowers, blue agapanthus and orange dahlias burst against Sahara roses! IFD Distributors have the flowers to create the look you aspire to.

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Flower Trends Forecast 2018

Magnificent Mediterranean’s flower trend for 2018 has brilliant tones of orange, blue, and gold pop against muted hues of beige and cream. Magnificent Mediterranean ignites a yearning for luxury. Its distressed fleur-de-lis appeal embodies a life steeped in meaningful history and adventure. The color palette draws from the bold colors and easy styles of Mediterranean villages and towns.

Golden sunflowers and rust-colored calla lilies radiate amongst peach-kissed dahlias, zesty yellow lemons, and bold Gloriosa lilies as they come alive in hand-painted ceramic vessels. clustered together in formal pedestal vases, bountiful blooms of cream-colored sahara roses and green carnations lie between beautiful spheres of agapanthus and orange poppies. Bold accents, geometric patterns, and natural bronze elements establish a refined rustic feature within this trend.



  • Accent Décor Ancestor Vase
    12” x 30.5” (92736.00)
  • Accent Décor Toscano Urn
    22.5” x 26” (76571.00)
  • Accent Décor Global Vases
    3.3” x 4.5” (95080.00) &
    4.5” x 6” (95081.00)
  • Plus One Pattern Tin Pots
    6” Assorted (322395BLU)
  • Plus One Mirage Votive Holders
    5” x 5” (960590BRR) &
    6” x 4.5” (960592BRR)
  • Plus One Round wood Tray Set
    14” and 18” (930624STA)
  • Syndicate Sales Weathered Slate Square
    8” x 8” x 4” (7816-04-901)


  •  Patrician Candle
    6” x 3” Column Candle Sea Breeze
  •  Accent Décor Akebia Vine Ball
    8” (61900.00) &
    12” (61901.00)
  • Oasis Bind wire Natural
    26 gauge (40-02640)
  • Oasis Aluminum Wire
    Silver 12 gauge (40-02602)
  • Oasis Elegant Bouquet Holder Metallic Hammered Gold (11-20791)
  • Design Master Color Tool
    Larkspur Blue (707)
    Ubermatte Graphite (560)


Magnificent Mediterranean Flowers



Combining the yellows, blues, and browns found in the color palette of Magnificent Mediterranean provides an earthy yet vibrant look that naturally catches the eye. Magnificent Mediterranean is casual sophistication in its finest form.  

From the Pete Garcia company, Sea Breeze Patrician brand column candles are combined with yellow sunflowers and Plus One Mirage Votives on a Plus One wood tray to depict a refined rustic look.



Magnificent Mediterranean makes use of geometric patterns, both modern and simple. using a pave design style to craft flower portraits in syndicate sales weathered slate containers, a feeling of refinement is created in a very organic way.

IFD Distributors carry a broad range of flowers, vessels, and accents to design a Mediterranean beauty.



The design style for Magnificent Mediterranean is casual formality. Natural, freeform designs allow flowers, vines, and greens to organically come together. shades of blue establish the trend’s distinct look.

Deep blue, teal, and turquoise color sprays from Design Master help add the right blue. using a salt Blast technique and Design Master überfrost™, a touch of the sea comes to life.

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