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Positively Posh Dreamy hues of romantic pink and purple

Dreamy hues of pink and purple

Positively Posh containers colors and flowers

Oasis Asocolflores David Austin Samples of Possitively Posh

The Positively Posh wedding trend is passionate and feminine, Positively Posh is about discovering uniqueness and style. Delicate elements set against deep velvet and plum tones create a romantic couture look. Grays, pinks, and light neutrals contrast with bursts of vibrant fuchsia and purple hues. Freeform bouquets wondrously exemplify the radiant affection that envelopes Positively Posh.


IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Positively Posh with Smithers Oasis

Oh so dreamy and romantic, Positively Posh layers pinks, purples and grays. Oasis Floral Foam in blocks, specialty shapes or bouquet holders, provides the perfect base to create this radiant and voguish look. Gold, pink and purple accents in Oasis decorative wire or Oasis Sequin Wrap match the look by contrasting soft and vibrant shades of pinks and purples.

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IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Positively Posh with Asocolflores

Pink and purple flowers in abundance give Positively Posh a lush, voguish look. Heavily petal flowers like roses, chrysanthemum and hydrangea from Colombia, South America are the perfect blooms for creating a Positively Posh motif. Flowers with Multiple layers of petal provide a feeling of opulence and romance. Colombian grown flowers from the members of Asocolflores provide the wide range of pink, purple and magenta flowers that are key to creating lush Posh bouquets.

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IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2018: Positively Posh with David Austin

Positively Posh marvelously personifies all of the passionate sensuality associated with classic, old-fashioned English garden roses. Dreamy hues of subdued green and blue burst with the dreamy shades of romantic garden roses from David Austin Roses. From the pink blush of Keira to the deep pink of Kate, David Austin Roses epitomize the timeless feel of Positively Posh!

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Flower Trends Forecast 2018

Positively Posh epitomizes a timeless design reminiscent of 18th century France. Its traditional romantic fashion exudes a whimsical and youthful feel in a style fit for royalty. Positively Posh’s delicate grays, pinks, purples, and neutrals extravagantly mingle through layers of soft, feminine ruffles.

Ornate pink peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas dazzle in gold pedestal vases. Dreamy hues of subdued green and blue burst alongside distressed golden accents and luxurious fabrics such as damask, velvet, and chenille. Plentiful shades of purple thrive in copious rose and gerbera daisy blooms while marble and soft, curvy lines provide this trend with an updated styling.


  • Accent Décor Empress Bowl Gold
    16”x 12.5” (74885.00),
    12”x 24” (74881.00)
  • Accent Décor sheer candleholder
    6.5” x 9.75” (74841.00)
  • Oasis ecOssentials cylinder
    5” Antique Pink
  • Oasis Floral Foam Tile
    24” x 18” x 1.5” (11-03251)


  • Candle Artisans Patrician Brand Taper
    12” Gold Metallic
  • Berwick Offray Double Face satin
    #9 Pink Blush (997572)


Positively Posh Flowers



Positively Posh is reminiscent of the Romantic Movement’s soft elegance with its plentiful assortment of en vogue updates. Delicate layers of pink hydrangeas, lavender and deep pink
roses, and green carnations astonish in an antique gold picture frame and Oasis Floral Foam Tile. Luxurious, dreamy, and abundant, this romantic couture accent piece perfectly completes the Positively Posh trend.







AscolfloreslogooutlinedTM 50

Positively Posh floral arrangements are soft, yet extravagant. elegant bouquets bring together an abundance of opulent blooms to flaunt an ornate, stylish look. Asocolflores, the Association of Colombian Flower exporters, represents the flower farmers who manage nearly 75% of Colombia's total flower exports. Colombian flowers provide a wide array of blossoms in pinks, purples, and magentas to create lavish Posh bouquets.



DavidAustinWeddingandGiftLogoC2FD53 1 50

Positively Posh expresses all of the sensuality associated with Old Roses. with its luxurious blooms and romantic appeal, this inspiring look is easily created with David Austin Roses. As they open and evolve, some roses reveal surprising and subtle shifts in form, texture, or color that enhance their charm while others seduce with complex fragrances. ever-changing yet  timeless, spectacular David Austin Roses truly embody Positively Posh.

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