Ethereal Bliss: Finding calm and comfort



Ethereal Bliss: Containers Flowers and Colors, Sage Green, Grayed Pale Lavender, Blued Green, Paled Neutral DM538 Sepia, Soft Pink, Deep Violet DM715 Violet, Grayed Pale Blue DM555 Mist, Khaki Brown DM559 Beach, Gray

Flower Trends Forecast 2019: Ethereal Bliss with Accent Décor

The Ethereal Bliss design trend is mythical with soft pink tones and muted neutral tones. Vessels rich in frosted finishes provide elegance and warmth without weight. Accent Décor provides an array of containers to help create the Ethereal Bliss design trend from frosted to a time-worn texture, and a soft sheen found in the Zelda Boat, an elegant oval washed in gold.

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