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Ethereal Bliss: Finding calm and comfort



Ethereal Bliss: Containers Flowers and Colors, Sage Green, Grayed Pale Lavender, Blued Green, Paled Neutral DM538 Sepia, Soft Pink, Deep Violet DM715 Violet, Grayed Pale Blue DM555 Mist, Khaki Brown DM559 Beach, Gray

Flower Trends Forecast 2019: Ethereal Bliss with Accent Décor

The Ethereal Bliss design trend is mythical with soft pink tones and muted neutral tones. Vessels rich in frosted finishes provide elegance and warmth without weight. Accent Décor provides an array of containers to help create the Ethereal Bliss design trend from frosted to a time-worn texture, and a soft sheen found in the Zelda Boat, an elegant oval washed in gold.

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Flower Trends Forecast 2019 with Dummen Orange

Flower Trends Forecast distinguishes and chases evolving customer preferences to help the industry adjust and tweak product offerings. Dummen Orange, a leader in flower genetics, provides us with new flower varieties like the Country Green chrysanthemums used in the Forest Walk trend theme or the Veronica spray chrysanthemums used in the Ethereal Bliss trend theme. Keep listening to clients and create the design styles in the palettes they are loving!

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Flower Trends Forecast 2019

Pulling inspiration from beyond this world, this style trend can be described as minimalistic with mythical and intuitive elements. The palette combines soft tints with rich base tones and warm textures. Sage and lavender play key roles, along with a soft gender-neutral pink, dubbed “the new neutral” for 2019. Fuzzy and fleecy fabrics like chenille, distressed velvet, or chunky throws with an oversized weave fit right in, along with frosted finishes and softly gleaming mother of pearl. Rich browns—as in marble, leather, wood grain, bronze and copper—provide pleasing contrast to the pale, gray-tinted neutrals, along with a deep plum. Florals include garden flowers like roses, dahlias, and astilbe along with gray and gray-green foliages like dusty miller, sage, and seeded eucalyptus.


  • Accent Décor Zelda Bowl
    14" x 6" x10.5" (92661.00)
  • Accent Décor Beverly Votive
    6.5' x 4.75" (35202.00)
  • Accent Décor Valley Pot
  • Accent Décor Roseland Vase
    5" x 8"(31761.00)
  • Accent Décor Humble Vase
    6.75" x 6.25"(92691.00)
  • Plus One Diamond Bliss Votives
    3.75" (920598BLS) 4.25"(92691.00)
  • Giftwares Oval Hyacinth Planter
    5" x 7.75" (15524)
  • Syndicate Sales Designer Urn
    Sandstone Assortment 7.75" (80.12-47)
  • Syndicate Sales Vintage Bottle Collection


  • Design Master Color Tool


  • Dummen Orange Ryder Kalanchoe


Ethereal Bliss Flowers Rice Flower, Peony, Astillbe, Lilac, Majolika Spray Rose, Pink O'Hara Rose, Veronica Spray Chrisanthemum, Lamb's Ear

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