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The Believer: Determined optimism looks to classic hues

The Believer: Containers Flowers and Colors, Muted Neutral DM538 Sepia, Pale PEach DM130 Osiana Peach, Medium Blue, Grayed Pale Lavender, Raspberry Pink, Dusty Blue, Bordeaus DM712 Maroon, Muted Pastel Blue DM555 Mist, Black

Flower Trends Forecast 2019: The Believer with Asocolflores

Classic masculine and feminine hues combine into one color harmony that feels modern, yet disciplined and refined in The Believer trend theme. The members of Asocolflores are Colombian flower growers who bring us beautiful Colombian flowers for unique creations. Inspired by thoughts of hope and peace this style pops with deep navy and pink set against soft grey, muted tan and blushing peach. Colombian cut flowers like the frilly, fringed carnation Pascoli or the Purple Cezanne, a purple-pink rose, work to create The Believer palette.

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Flower Trends Forecast 2019: The Believer with IFD

Blush pink flowers have become the ‘go to’ color in many bouquets. The combinations with blush seem endless, as blush serves as the neutral color to feature client’s primary color. In The Believer trend palette, navy blue and rich dark pink pop against the softer hue of blush. The flower distributors of International Floral Distributors offer not only lots of blush flowers but all the combination of flowers you want to design with it.

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Flower Trends Forecast 2019

One way to express faith in the future is to put a twist on tradition. This style palette is a favorite for weddings, bringing classic masculine and feminine hues into one color harmony that feels modern, yet disciplined and refined. Muted tan and a soft, blushing peach are among the key colors in this hopeful style trend—but what you’ll notice first are navy blue and a rich dark pink that pop against the softer hues. Indeed, navy becomes the new neutral here, often serving as a backdrop to floral patterns in a range of tints and tones. Bringing gray and chocolate brown into the mix, flowers might include brunia and chocolate cymbidium orchids, cattails and pussy willows for intriguing texture, along with blue bachelor buttons, blue hydrangea, cornflowers, boronia, brain celosia, and any bright pink flowers such as lilies, tulips, roses, peonies, and proteas.


  • Giftwares Stone Pottery
  • Syndicate Sales Cobalt Vases
    8" Trumpet (4120-12-60), 6.4" Vibe (4118-12-60), 6.4" Fusion (4117-12-60)
  • Accent Décor Azure Vase
    5.25" x 17.75" (45981.30)
  • Accent Décor Eleanor Pot
    6.5" x 9.5" (97705.00)
  • Oasis Elegant Bouquet Holder Twist Silver
    (11-20792 or 792)


  • Patrician Taper Candle
    Berry, Light Blue, Pomengranate, Slate Blue
  • Oasis Midollino Sticks
    Strong Pink (41-12553)


The Believer Flowers Eryngium, Cornflower, Muscari, Dahlia, Asiatic Lily, Pepperberry, Majolika Spray Rose, Purple Cezzane ROse

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