The Believer: Determined optimism looks to classic hues

The Believer: Containers Flowers and Colors, Muted Neutral DM538 Sepia, Pale PEach DM130 Osiana Peach, Medium Blue, Grayed Pale Lavender, Raspberry Pink, Dusty Blue, Bordeaus DM712 Maroon, Muted Pastel Blue DM555 Mist, Black

Flower Trends Forecast 2019: The Believer with Asocolflores

Classic masculine and feminine hues combine into one color harmony that feels modern, yet disciplined and refined in The Believer trend theme. The members of Asocolflores are Colombian flower growers who bring us beautiful Colombian flowers for unique creations. Inspired by thoughts of hope and peace this style pops with deep navy and pink set against soft grey, muted tan and blushing peach. Colombian cut flowers like the frilly, fringed carnation Pascoli or the Purple Cezanne, a purple-pink rose, work to create The Believer palette.

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