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Perfect Pairings

Discover the perfect pairings that will take any gathering to the next level, thanks to our generous sponsor @syndicatesales! Enhance centerpieces by pairing the @syndicatesales @hollychapple Floral Pillow and the Dahlia urn. Looking to create eye-catching arrangements that demand attention? Encourage your customers to pair the DIY Floral Grid with a tapered crock and witness their creativity blossom into unique designs. Unleash the potential of these product pairings, because when you bring the right elements together, the possibilities are truly extraordinary. #consumertrends #flowertrendsforecast #flowertrends #theflowerexperience #theflowerexperienceirl #irl #experienceeconomy #flowerworkshop #diyfloral #bettertogether #PerfectPairings #SponsorAppreciation #EventInspiration #unleashyourcreativity @flowertrendsforecast @rio_roses @syndicatesales

Exceptional Flower Workshops

Unite with local businesses for an exceptional floral workshop. By collaborating, you are able to amplify expertise, showcase community talent, and nurture the local economy. Together, create unforgettable experiences that captivate participants and foster meaningful relationships! #flowertrendsforecast #flowertrends #consumertrends #flowersofinstagram #theflowerexperience #theflowerexperienceirl #irl #experienceeconomy #LocalBusinessCollaboration #communitystrength @flowertrendsforecast @rio_roses  @Syndicatesales1 

The flower experience - irl

Post-pandemic life looks very different than pre-pandemic life in a myriad of ways. This dramatic shift has brought about a deep desire for more connection. Connection that exists IRL – “In Real Life.” The digital connections created out of necessity no longer satisfy our soul. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of being together and crave personal interaction. Therefore, with the trend “The Flower Experience IRL” we explore how in-person experiences using florals as the connector can enhance the consumer’s everyday life.

Thank you Crysal and That Flower Feeling

A big shout out to Chrysal and That Flower Feeling for their support of Happiness by Design.  Through their funding, FTF was able to inform the industry onthe important connection between flowers and happiness and provide inspiration and solutions to help increae sales.  We encourage everyone to leverage the knowledge and ideas shared throughout this campaign.  Please keep us up to date on your success stories and don't forget to use the #happinessbydesign and #thatflowerfeeling hashtags!!


Activate - Flower Recipe

As relaxing as it can be, not everyone has time for a "spa day" - but that doesn't mean they can't still enjoy that spa feeling! Consumer data has shown that at home spa products have fully embraced the stress-reducing properties found in flowers. So why not join the fun and create bouquets that lend themselves to the experience. How about the Lavender Haze bouquet? Or use a soft petal palette for That Spa feeling bouquet. Pair either bouquet with bath salts for Mother's Day!


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