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Bouquets! Self care at its finest!

That Flower Feeling is providing campaign assets to promote flowers as a simple form of self-care. Store signage, video, and the flower feeling logo can be applied to any floral product or marketing asset.

Take it up a notch! Encourage self care by starting a rewards program "Just for Me". Provide that extra incentive to encourage your customers to experience Happiness By Design. Increase sales! Increase store traffic! Increase Happiness!


Bouquets Buddies help you Decompress!

Mother/Daughter time! This activity is a two-for one! Not only is it fun and educational, but the finished product can be enjoyed long after. Make something beautiful for all to enjoy while having a great time!
"Gotta have flowers in the house!"

Enjoy some flowers, we know your day has been tough. Relax and re energize while you enjoy the beauty of flowers. Flowers are a proven way to decompress.
Refuel! Refresh!


There are always flowers for those who want to see them

- Henri Matisse

Need a Break? Flower more and stress less!

Being intentional about surrounding ourselves and our loved ones with flowers promotes greater happiness and connection with one another and nature. Tag someone you want to be your bouquet buddy!

Happiness By Design - Inform

It is widely known that in the aftermath of the pandemic the consumers’ perception of self-care shifted from luxury to necessity. And while buzzwords like self-care and mindfulness have remained in the spotlight for some time, this trend has not yet hit its plateau. It’s been scientifically proven that daily interactions with nature and more specifically flowers improves overall mood and well being. The promotion of flowers as a salve for the current day human struggles of stress, depression and anxiety serves as a central call to action. And with more consumers working from home, the home has become and will continue to be a “healing hub” and a haven in which bringing Mother Nature inside can have a multitude of restorative benefits. Through the magic of flowers, as an industry we can help create and sustain Happiness by Design.

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Happiness By Design - Blooming Endorphins

In several studies over the past decade, most notably those conducted by Rutgers University and University of North Florida, it was scientifically proven that flowers have immediate and long-term positive effects on both men and women (Rutgers) and reduce stress (North FL).
Given these findings, it’s no wonder consumers continue to turn to flowers to brighten their day. Blooming Endorphins is all about finding joy in the colorful petal palette of a seasonal bouquet or the receiving of an artfully designed arrangement. And through workshops consumers can turbo-charge those endorphins when they create their own bouquets and arrangements with the help of a skilled and patient designer! Happiness, joy and a feeling of accomplishment – Blooming Endorphins indeed!

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