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black tie + barefoot
a new leaf


Ball SB


BALL SB provides the vegetative material for fresh cut flowers from Ball Horticultural in the highland tropics providing growers with propagated materials of outstanding cut flower varieties.


posh + polished
vibrant vibe


black tie barefoot


Flowers and foliages with muted tones work best for the black tie + barefoot trend style. New Look & Silver Dust Dusty Millers from Ball SB are a perfect foliage for this trend style.



a new leaf


Muted tones of butter yellow, coral, beige and cream all work in a new leaf trend style, Ball SB provides lisanthus in beautiful new leaf colors and a host of foliages like the Dream White kale.


vibrant vibe


Bright colors like the Amazon series dianthus from Ball SB help create the excitement needed to create the vibrant vibe trend style. Make it spirited, modern and funky to make it vibrant vibe!


Ball SB Variety Catalog

Ball SB Variety Catalogs

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