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Syndicate Sales


Syndicate Sales manufactures, distributes, and imports a wide assortment of floral products and accessories. The Syndicate Sales family of brands include Hoosier Glass, Everlasting Baskets, Bella Moss, Aquafoam, Aquapic and Aquaplus.




Black Tie and Barefoot


Collected high-end items evoke the romantic sense of bohemian style with sophistication in the black tie + barefoot trend style. Featuring unique vessels like the Lanterns and Mia Vase from Syndicate Sales provides the more curated look of back tie + barefoot.



A New Leaf


Combining various natural elements like plants and dried materials define a new leaf trend. Bella Moss from Syndicate Sales bridges all the varying elements connecting various components into one harmonious design.


Posh Polished


Shiny, saturated black, containers can help make the bold statements fund in posh + polished! Simple black glass cubes from Syndicate Sales make this unique posh + polished centerpiece stand out!


Vibrant Vibe


Whimsical, amusingly colored, vessels like the pink Vintage Bottles from Syndicate Sales are just the type of container to achieve the vintage vibe style. Think fresh, youthful and dynamic with creating vibrant vibe and look to Syndicate Sales for just the right vessels!


Syndicate Sales Variety Catalog

Syndicate Sales Variety Catalogs

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