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Smithers Oasis


Smithers - Oasis® is a global manufacturer and marketer of floral foams and accessory products including OASIS, Floralife, Lomey, Atlantic and Handy brand floral products.


Posh Polished
Vibrant Vibe


A New Leaf


The metallic accents for a new leaf trend style are coppers and rose golds. Copper wires from Oasis Floral Products; Flat Wire, Etched Wire and Diamond Wire, all make excellent accessories for creating a new leaf style design.


Posh Polished


Oasis Midnight Foam was made for posh + polished, the theme just cries out elegance and luxury! The Oasis Midnight Foam Sphere combined with gold candlesticks and the contrast of the half-golded anthurium create instant impact and exudes luxury.


Vibrant Vibe


The playful, energetic style of vibrant vibe lends itself to creating movement in the designs. Oasis Midollino in bright colors creates lines that move the eye through these animated designs!


Smithers Oasis Variety Catalog

Smithers Oasis Variety Catalogs

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