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Sun Valley Flower Farm


Sun Valley Flower Group grows premium, fresh-cut flowers and primary crops include tulips, lilies and iris. The Sun Valley Group encompasses a family of quality floral brands including Sun Valley Floral Farms, Pleasant Valley Flowers, Sun Pacific Bouquet and West Coast Evergreen.





Garden flowers are a key to the black tie + barefoot trend style. The feminine textures push all the stuffiness out to create an upscale, comfortable, but romantic look. Sun Valley Flower Farm cut kalanchoe and brassica are just the type of flowers needed for black tie + barefoot!




Sun Valley Flower Farms creates an instant posh + polished look with glorious Bach lilies and the rich red hue of the Sun Valley cotinus foliage!



Tulips do not come much brighter than the beautiful Columbus peony tulip, from Sun Valley Flower Farm! The striking white edge on the huge glowing reddish pink petals shout vibrant vibe! Need vibrant vibe tulips look no further than Sun Valley!


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